Project Overview

Our Stories is an initiative of The Asia Foundation that aims to connect youth with elders through the use of storytelling and arts.

The project uses real life stories of elders that were collected by the Family Rehabilitation Centre (FRC) in the districts of; Ampara, Kalutara, Kurunegala, Mannar, Trincomalee, and Vavuniya. Working with FRC ensured that necessary psychosocial support was provided to elders before, during and after they recounted personal stories. This unique approach follows a set of guidelines that can be used to engage people in storytelling and memorialization in a psychosocially sensitive manner.

For artistic guidance, the Foundation partnered with the Theertha International Artists’ Collective to mentor selected artists through a series of interactive workshops and discussions, on how to transform life stories into art.

Through this initiative, the Foundation aims to create a shared space among communities where elders are able to pass on their memories to young people, with the hope of creating a better society, one that is based on shared values, resilience and cohesion.

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